The second book in the Calabrian Coast series is out!

Camillo runs a popular café on Altavicia’s main square. Giada runs an equally popular café across the square. They have both entered Altavicia’s Best Café competition.
Scarred by his father’s death, Camillo’s greatest wish is to escape the Calabrian seaside village and return to his beloved London, where his family was last together and happy. Abandoned by her parents, Giada’s greatest wish is to earn her nonna’s love. The competition trophy is the ticket to both their dreams, but only one can win. As Camillo discovers that happiness doesn’t come from a location and Giada that love isn’t earned, can enemies become friends, and maybe more?
This novella is part of a series but it can be read on its own.

Available as ebook, paperback and Large Print paperback.